University Advantage

University Advantage Uni Cation

Improved Graduation Rates

On average, students change their major at least 5 times in their academic career, which increases the amount of time to graduation. With corporate and career information at their finger tips, students can identify their interests earlier and pursue their major more efficiently.

Diminish skills gap

Industries struggle with a skills gap that exists between graduation and employment.  Allowing corporations in the classroom can begin bridging that gap with meaningful activities that help prepare the student for real-life work projects. 

Provide Essential Information

As industry experts, industry-related content can help provide students with essential information that will help them obtain their ideal careers.  Critical information is provided and updated quickly and regularly, providing students with the most up-to-date career information.

Reduce The Financial Cost to Education

Affordability has always been a barrier to education, especially in underserved populations.  Now, students have a way to help offset the financial cost of higher education by engaging with class-related, industry knowledge.

Unique Case Study Content

Interested in corporate-sponsored case studies? We provide a series of case studies, paid for by our sponsors, that you can use in your classroom.