Corporate Advantage

Corporate Advantage Uni Cation

Create Awareness

A dedicated platform where companies can promote industry and company awareness, improve recruiting efforts, conduct surveys and response papers, and more.

Engage with Future Employees

Unlock access to students groomed and ready for recruitment. Rub shoulders with senior and grad students with our live feed sessions. Use our platform to find your future employees.

Fast, Efficient, Timely Information

Uni-Cation platform allows you to update and keep current any information you want students and future employees to have. Update open jobs, leadership and skills initiatives and programs any time of the year.  Students can view your information anytime, and from anywhere.

Groom and Recruit

Industries struggle with industry recruitment and awareness and companies struggle with new employee skills deficiency. Early and frequent engagement with students allow companies to set expectations, help guide and direct students to essential skills, and begin an early grooming process to recruit future employees.


Cutting down travel cost, access cost and limitations, along with limited and inconsistent presence on campus, Uni-cation allows companies to be front and center on campus, having unparalleled access to top-notch students across the region, country, and world.