We Want to Change the Barriers to Education

Higher education should be accessible to everyone but the cost of
tuition has become a major barrier.  We want to change the way
students are able to pay for tuition. To achieve this, we work
hundreds of companies (sponsors) and created a platform where
career information can be presented and students can get paid to

Student Recruitment and Career Placement

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mr.Tracy Tanners

Tracy Tanner
Founder & CEO

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Blah Blah VP Sales
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VP Sales

Our Mission

Your mission statement should make readers feel like something is happening now versus in the past. For example, write, “[Your company name] makes [your products] to enhance your quality of life,” rather than writing, “These [your products] are made by [your company name] to improve your life

Our Values

A values statement lists the core principles that guide and direct the organization and its culture. In a values-led organization, the values create a moral compass for the organization and its employees. It guides decision-making and establishes a standard against which actions can be assessed.

Located in

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Salt Lake City
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