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Connecting Corporations with University Students

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How We Do It

Corporate Sponsorship of Higher Education

We connect corporations with university students in all years of their academic careers to encourage, motivate and mentor students into meaningful careers. We offer the space for industry promotion and to provide critical industry knowledge and career advice to students, all while reducing the financial cost of education.


We know there is a skills gap that exists between graduation and employment. We also know that recruiting top talent from universities is competitive and difficult. By offsetting the cost of higher education, companies can ‘purchase’ student attention, engagement, and interaction through company profile courses.


We know 95% of students change their major at least 5 times in their academic career. We also know 68% of students who graduate with a degree have no knowledge of their future career. By providing industry expertise to impressionable students who are searching for relevant information, we are helping prepare students for their future careers.

Your Specific Advantages

University Advantage

Uni-Cation offsets the cost of education and brings industry experts to the classroom, helping to reduce the skills gap and create meaningful academic and career pathways.

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Corporate Advantage

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Uni-Cation helps corporations promote projects, companies, and industries with impressionable students still in school. Gain access to top-tier students who are actively pursuing a career in your sector, hungry for knowledge and information, and may end up being one of your best new hires.

State Government Advantage

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Uni-Cation connects businesses with future employees in a meaningful way helping drive graduation rates and develop a more skilled workforce in your state.

Student Advantage

Uni-Cation connects you with companies who provide information about academic pathways toward incredible careers with incredible companies, all while offsetting the cost of your educatiion.

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